• Rider(s): Aelita
  • Based On: Angel wings
  • Mode of Transportation: Flight
  • Life Points: N/A (guards Aelita's Life Points)

Although not an actual vehicle, it is used as a mode of transportation for Aelita. Wings are integrated in her new suit created by Jeremie. In addition to Odd's, Ulrich's, and Yumi's in the episode Double Take.

The Wings are activated by waving a hand or something else (i.e. Odd's Laser Arrow) over Aelita's star-shaped bracelet. This causes the wings to appear out of the area of her back where the shoulder blades would be. They are bright pink that seem to be somewhat luminescent, suggesting they might give off light or are simply made out of energy. Although the wings usually disappear when Aelita lands, they can reappear if needed. Even with the Wings in use, Aelita can use her powers or launch energy fields against monsters. If Aelita is attacked while in flight, the wings will disappear, but she will not lose life points, but will have to wait a short time to reform them.

The Wings also seem to match, if not surpass, the speed of Ulrich's Super Sprint ability. However, when up against X.A.N.A. William's Super Smoke, Aelita's wings are shown to be just a bit slower; an example of this can be seen when the two are racing toward a tower in Guided Missile.

The Angel Wings also return in Season 5 and are still the transport of Aelita on Lyoko, and now Aelita can land without the wings disappearing. In addition, Aelita uses her Wings more frequently than before.

Facebook Social GameEdit

The Angel Wings are a power in the game on Facebook

  • Wings - Dodging an attack or counterattack.


  • It is unknown if anyone else can use these wings. Jeremie has to send them to Aelita's Avatar, meaning he could download them to any Avatar.
  • In Kadic Bombshell it is shown that anything waved over her bracelet activates her wings as shown when Odd fired a laser arrow over her bracelet.
  • As a spectre, her bracelet was missing, which could be the reason she didn't use them on Earth.
  • She uses them sometimes to get away from William or X.A.N.A.'s Monsters but is always shot down.


Season 1-4Edit


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