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Barbara Weber-Scaff, or as she is also credited, Barbara Scaff, is an actress who played a variety of roles in Code Lyoko and elsewhere. Most of her Code Lyoko Roles are men.

Relevant Roles outside the Code Lyoko FranchiseEdit

  • The Legend of Calamity Jane, where she played the titular character. This role is relevant because this show was broadcasted by the same company as Code Lyoko.

Code Lyoko rolesEdit

Role Form Seasons
Johnny English Voice Seasons 3-4
Xavier Gosselin English Voice seasons unknown
Mister Pück (character) English Voice seasons 2-unknown
Hiroki Ishiyama English Voice Seasons 2-4
Emily LeDuc English Voice Seasons 1-unknown
Ulrich Stern English Voice Seasons 1-4
Kiwi English Voice This was Ulrich in Kiwi's body: 1 episode - "Nobody in Particular"
X.A.N.A.-Odd English Voice This was X.A.N.A.-Odd as Ulrich: season 2, 1 episode, "Revelation"

Gallery of potrayed rolesEdit

A Quote from herEdit

"Over here in France we get the craziest dialogue from the supposedly bilingual in- house translators...but lucklily for us they cannot get someone from around the office to do the voice...unlLESS of COUSE dey are looking just for an e-VIL french sounding perSON! So they call actors, thank goodness, usually!"