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Code Lyoko: Get Ready to Virtualize! is a video game for the Nintendo DS that was produced by Game Factory and DC Studios and released in the United States on May 15, 2007. The European release date was November 16, 2007. In Australia, it was June 14, 2007.


The gameplay is divided into two types of levels. Levels that take place on Earth are 2D, after the style of Earth on the show, and typically involve finding items, talking to characters, and going to places in order to follow the storyline. Lyoko levels take place in 3D, and primarily focus on third-person fighting your way through monsters in order to reach a goal. Although some racing on the and boss battles are also involved. Both kinds of levels occasionally feature simple puzzles that require the player to construct a specific 2D figure out of different sized blocks. (The puzzle is used in the game to represent hacking.)The game's story follows the storyline of the show and includes select episodes from the first and second seasons and a spin-off of the first episode of the third as well as all five regions of Lyoko-the Forest, Desert, Glacier, Mountains and Carthage.


You can play as Ulrich, Odd, Yumi, Aelita, and (on Earth) Jeremie. The groups powers remain consistent to the show, but some changes were made for the sake of gameplay. For example, Odd can now throw Energy grenades to round out his normal abilities and Aelita is given a defensive shield that is also capable of doing damage to monsters. Team Lyoko's special abilities (Super-sprint, Telekinesis, Climbing) also make an appearance in the game, but can only be used in specific places and Aelita loses creativity in favor of Levitation. This game is rated Everyone 10+ (E10) by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. The final boss of this game is a unique monster known as the Scorpion.