Cortex (Replika)
The Cortex
First appearance Cortex
Also known as N/A
Terrain features Ever-changing terrain

The Cortex is a replika connected to a Supercomputer created by Professor Tyron, who is the second antagonist in Code Lyoko Evolution. Like all replikas, it is located somewhere within the depths of the digital sea that can only be breached by the submersible Skidbladnir submarine.


The ground of this territory is made of modulary elements that plug into each other to form the global landscape. Each module moves separately, therefore the area is in constant motion with traps that to keeps intruders at bay. It has always-active communication towers under the control of X.A.N.A., which allow it to act in the real world. The Cortex is made up of a tangle of hubs and pipes which surround a small replica world.

The Cortex also has a "sky" with clouds and a sun. This is notable as other Replikas and sectors don't feature this. Interestingly, in the concept art, there is a hologram screen in the "sky" of the replika where a man is looking in.

The Core of the Cortex is a giant black ball which is located in the middle of the sector. There is a bridge leading up to its entrance, which is a spiral like door. Once entering, the Lyoko Warriors are transferred inside a ball-shaped room with many platforms and walls filled with obelisk-shaped parts, which acts as a traps that can stab intruders or shake the platforms to make them fall. One of the platforms near the bottom contains a computer-like interface. In middle of the room, there is a blue glowing orb which purpose has yet to be revealed.

Due to all the traps in the Cortex, Team Lyoko keeps the Skidbladnir close to the sector's edge and uses the MegaPod for moving within. So far walking, driving a vehicle other than the Megapod, or (in Aelita's case) flying, have resulted in instant de-virtualization because of the sector's traps. William's Super Smoke ability has allowed him to easily avoid the traps.

Cortex Security System and FunctionalityEdit

Unlike Previous Replikas, the Cortex does contain a much more broader Security System in place. It does however, share certain functionality from Carthage or Sector 5.

  • Time delayed security system.
  • Sector begins to change as soon as the Lyoko Warriors enters the Replika.
  • A System Terminal which gains access to Tyron's Supercomputer.
  • The shell in the Digital Sea is clearly designed to be hard to navigate, which could be a possibility why Jeremie's Multi-Agent Program did not destroy the Replika.
  • A Surveillance Web Cam is probably used to Monitor the Cortex's Dome, which explains why Tyron sends his Ninjas to attack the Lyoko Warriors and how the avatar looks like.


  • Cortex is the only replika that isn't a copy of Franz Hopper's designs of Lyoko sectors. However its similiar to Sector 5 because of the moving platforms. Infact it seems like an inside out Sector 5 the core even appears to look like a smaller, black celestial dome, and the outside part resembles the core zone where the very Heart of the Cortex lies.
  • There is only one tower known.
  • The name could derived from part of the human brain, Cerebal Cortex. Aelita is the one who came up with the name.


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