250 px
HP 20
Height 1.80 metres
Weight 80kg
Speed 5/10
Attacks Laser - 45AP
First Appearance Unchartered Territory

Creeper is a snake-like monster that only appears in Sector 5 of Lyoko. Creepers attack by firing lasers from their mouth. Its lower body is mechanical and snakelike, but the upper body is fleshy with 2 legs. The Eye of X.A.N.A. is on the top of its head, so it is hard to hit. However, a Creeper is so weak that a hit to just about any part of the body will instantly kill it. During devirtualization, they turn into puddles of goo with binary code coming out of them. They can climb walls at ease.

Creepers can also fire a charged laser, which takes around 3 seconds to charge up. The laser inlicts about 40 points of damage. However they seem to be getting stronger because in one episode, Aelita is devirtualized by the Creeper in one shot of the charged laser. They are shown to spawn from the outer area of Sector 5, in a similar manner to Mantas, but this only happened once.


  • In French dub, Creeper is known as Rampant.
  • Creeper is Odd's least favorite creature, possibly due to its strong attacks.
  • Creepers were never shown outside of Sector 5 or its Replika. Unlike the Mantas and Scyphozoa, both natives from Sector 5, they are incapable of leaving.
  • Creeper were the first monster to devirtualize Aelita.


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