Cruel Dilemma
Air Date (US) April 26th, 2004
Air Date (France) October 8th, 2003
Written by Alain Serluppus
Storyboard by Paul Beneteau
Season 1
Episode # 6
Production # 106
Preceeded by Big Bug
Followed by Image Problem

Cruel Dilemma is the sixth episode of Season 1 of Code Lyoko.


Due to a favorable accident on Odd's part, which consisted of spilling candy on the keyboard of Jeremie's Computer, Jeremie's materialization program for Aelita is finished, but since Jeremie has no idea how Odd got it to work, it is only good for one use. In turn, X.A.N.A. possesses two bulldozers and sets them on the Factory to prevent Aelita's materialization program from taking place.

When trying to stop the attack, Yumi falls into the Digital Sea. To save her, Aelita gives up her materialization program, which allows Jeremie to bring back Yumi.


  • The original French name for this episode is Cruel Dilemme.
  • This episode marks the beginning of what is informally known as "Pick on Yumi Week" due to the fact that in these episodes Yumi seems to bear the brunt of the team's woes.
  • It is noted in this episode that Ulrich wears earplugs in bed because of Odd.



Quality: 480

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