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Emily or Emilie LeDuc is a student at Kadic Academy. She is tall, dark haired, and generally quiet, but quick to temper. She is one of the minor characters.

She made her first prominent appearance in Swarming Attack, in which she was one of the girls Odd named as a culprit for having written a love letter to Ulrich. Odd theorized that Emily wrote the letter in that episode, but later covered for this by saying that she was in love with Jim. Emily ended up hitting him for that.

In the episode Routine, she displayed an interest in Ulrich that he returned, though this was due to a frustration with the lack of progress in his relationship with Yumi. At the end of the episode, Ulrich and Emily seemed to be friends, with Emily even remarking about the love between Ulrich and Yumi when Ulrich left a conversation with Emily to catch up with Yumi.

She was transformed into a zombie in Attack of the Zombies, along with almost every other student and teacher. Emily is one of Ulrich's many fangirls. Unlike Sissi, she doesn't chase and stalk him.

In the English version of Code Lyoko, she is voiced by Barbara Weber-Scaff. In the French version of Code Lyoko, her voice is provided by Carole Baillien.


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