End of Take
Air Date (US) April 28th, 2004
Air Date (France) October 22nd, 2003
Written by Laurent Turner
Storyboard by Thomas Astruc
Season 1
Episode # 8
Production # 108
Preceeded by Image Problem
Followed by Satellite

End of Take is the eighth episode of Season 1 on Code Lyoko.


After the principal shows a movie about aliens made by a director named James Finson, Finson announces that he plans to make a movie in the city, using the factory as the prime location. The group would rather not have people setting up shop in their factory, so Ulrich tries to convince Finson that making a movie there would be a bad idea.

All his efforts achieve the opposite result, and he's even given a part in the movie, but the principal won't let him miss school. Sissi, who wants to be in the movie, convinces her father to let Ulrich miss school so she'll get a part. While Ulrich is guarding the lower levels, X.A.N.A. possesses the alien monster prop and uses it to capture Ulrich and Sissi and use them as bait for the others. Because of this, Yumi heads to the factory, but eventually gets trapped with them.

Even though she blocks the door the XANA-possessed monster gets in after awhile. It uses its tentacles to strangle Ulrich and Yumi, forcing Sissi to watch such a scene. Aelita deactivates the right tower before Yumi and Ulrich choke to death, Jeremie' then activates a time reversion. In the end Ulrich is able to convince Finson to not make the movie by using James' ego and saying that there was already a film about aliens filmed in the factory.


  • The original French name for this episode is Clap de fin.
  • When possessed by X.A.N.A., the Alien prop strongly resembles the alien from Alien vs Predator.


  • This episode takes place in daytime, preferably an afternoon setting, but after Jeremy initiates the return to the past at the end of the episode, the scenes are still in a daytime setting on Earth, but outside of the Factory, it is suddenly nighttime when the Return To The Past bubble is shown.



Quality: 480

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