HP 75
Height 7 metres
Weight 100kg
Speed 6/10
Attacks Laser - 50AP
Mines - 100AP
First Appearance Exploration

Mantas are the strongest flying monsters in X.A.N.A.'s army, far surpassing a Hornet.

The Flying Mantas are superb flying monsters that look like rays. They are mostly in Sector 5 around the Celestial Dome and generally move in groups. They are white and navy blue and have on their back the Eye of X.A.N.A., their weak point. They also have powerful laser beams with which they shoot at our heroes. Sometimes Odd is able to climb on their backs and by scratching the Eye of X.A.N.A., is then able to have full control of where ever they fly to. In Temporary Insanity, two Mantas fused themselves together and shot a laser at Odd and Ulrich which made their bodies glow red and devirtualized them after some time. This laser is capable of confusing targets into believing they are on Lyoko when on the real world and in the real world while on Lyoko.

While William was possessed by X.A.N.A., since there was no vehicle for him, he used a Black Manta as transportation. The Manta was provided by X.A.N.A. X.A.N.A. William used the Manta often when trying to capture Aelita, even ordering the monster to attack our heroes instead of simply riding it.

Like in the series, in the video game, Mantas were capable of laying "eggs" so to speak, that are able to explode like miniature mines. But they do not explode in groups, they only explode one at a time which is sort of like a safety mechanism. Also they are underwater (in the game). There have been several occasions where the Mantas have been seen laying "eggs" in the show. However, one bomb explosion may trigger another one. A "wall" of bombs can be built, but if a Manta is destroyed, all the bombs the Manta laid will disappear in the same fashion as the pieces of destroyed monsters.


  • Mantas are the only monsters that can travel outside the Celestial Dome in Carthage.
  • In the 2nd-4th seasons, Mantas had a high pitched crying noise. In Evolution, the sound is significantly lower pitched and variant.
  • The first time a Manta appeared in Evolution was in Friday the 13th.
  • X.A.N.A. was able to put them in the Digital Sea in Obstination.
  • In reality, Mantas resemble Lesser Devil Rays


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