300 px
HP ---
Height ---
Weight ---
Speed ---
Attacks Slash and Stealth
Telekinetic-like power
First Appearance Virus

The Ninjas a.k.a. R.T.S.A.: Real Time Subjective Agents are virtual fighters controlled by humans working for Professor Tyron. They are actually actual human beings; virtual avatars like the five Lyoko Warriors.


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These are virtual fighters controlled by humans working for Professor Tyron. As Professor Tyron doesn’t possess the technique of virtualisation this is the only way he can counter the heroes in the virtual world. They wear black bodysuits and have masked faces. They use bladed weapons and can stealth into the terrain of the Cortex for short periods of time. Their first/debut appearance was in the eighth episode, Virus. Upon close inspection, the 'eye'-like white circle is actually a sphere inside a slightly translucent head.


Season Five

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

File:Ninja sword.png
This is a list of the skills and abilities that the Ninjas are shown to possess.
  • Stealth: They can appear from the ground in heart of the Cortex and are almost invisible. One was able to cling to the Skid while it was travelling back to Lyoko.
  • Ninjas are shown to be expert sword fighters, and have been able to defeat Yumi, Ulrich, Aelita, Odd, and William with ease.
  • Ninjas can travel through the virtual sea if they are holding on to the Skid, thereby allowing the ship's shield to protect them.
  • SuperSprint for limited amounts of time
  • An ability that freezes a victim and allow them to drag them around and become enshrouded in a light green aura. This ability resembles telekinesis. 


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